Fall 2023: Anna Shields

Voices from Tang (618-907) through Northern Song (960-1127) Dynasty China: Encounters across Boundaries

Fall 2023: Xin Wen

The Silk Road in World History

Fall 2023: Thomas Conlan

The Mongol invasions of Japan

Spring 2023: Rory Truex

Final Syllabus:

Spring 2023: Ryo Morimoto

Spring 2023: Hyun-Binn Cho

Fiction books:

As North Korea Readies for a Nuclear Test, Does it Have a New Doctrine?
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (2022)

North Korea’s Strategically Ambiguous Nuclear Posture
The Washington Quarterly (2022)

Security in the Asia-Pacific and Signaling at Sea
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (Forthcoming)

Fall 2022: Thomas Conlan

Fall 2022:Stephen Teiser

Fall 2022: Chao-Hui Jenny Liu

Additional resources from Lesley Solomon: